You see no reason to talk about home care services. Your parents are fine. Life doesn’t come with guarantees. That’s the main reason to talk about caregiving decisions in advance. They may be fine today, but you don’t know what can happen a week, month, or year from now.

If something does happen, you’re going to be stressed. Visits to the hospital, medical offices, and your mom or dad’s house will consume your days. Add in work, caring for your own house, pets, and kids, and needing to grieve or unwind. Having to rush long-term care plans when you’re stressed can be overwhelming.

Home Care in Havana FL: Don't Delay Caregiving Decisions

Home Care in Havana FL: Don’t Delay Caregiving Decisions

Discuss Different Situations.

Your parents might not be able to imagine ever needing home care services. It’s important to look at situations that people don’t expect. You don’t want them to happen, but if they do, how prepared is your family?

If your mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she’ll be fine for the first few years or so. What happens when she starts forgetting to turn off the stove? What if she goes for a walk while you’re at work and forgets how to get back home? These situations can happen and put your mom at risk of injury. Home care services keep your mom safe. A caregiver has her back.

Your dad has a stroke. He’s going into rehab, but doctors are certain he won’t walk without assistance again. He’s going to need help getting from his bed into a wheelchair. He’s going to need help going from a wheelchair to a shower seat. Who is going to help him?

Abilities Will Decrease.

Even if a major health issue doesn’t arise, there are smaller issues that may make it hard for your parents. Your dad needs blood pressure medications to regulate his high blood pressure. He has a hard time remembering to take his medications each morning. Is there someone who can help him?

Since falling down the stairs while carrying the laundry hamper, your mom is scared of falling again. She wears the same clothes over and over rather than doing a load of laundry. Is someone available to help her do laundry each week?

Talk to a home care agency about these and other concerns. You don’t have to commit to services immediately. You’ll have an idea of how they can help in the future. You might find there are services that can help your parents maintain their independence right now. They can also discuss current pricing. Learn more by calling us today.

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