Lots of families get spread farther apart than they ever expected to be. Unfortunately, that can mean that by the time your senior needs more help, you’re not nearly as close to her geographically as you always thought you would be. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be her long-distance caregiver and do more for her than you believed possible.

Find Ways to See Her from Afar

Elderly Care Tallahassee, FL:What Can You Really Do When Your Senior Lives Far from You?

Talking to your senior on the phone can help, but it’s not always so easy to hide facial expressions and other visual cues as to what’s going on. If your elderly family member has a laptop or computer with a web camera or a smartphone, then video calling may be your best friend right now. This can give you more information than you realize.

Delivery Options Might Make Her Life Easier

You can’t bring her certain things, but there are more delivery options now than ever before. Different major retailers and even smaller companies are using standalone delivery companies and their own delivery solutions to get their products directly in the hands of the people who need and want them. This can be an absolutely fantastic option for your senior, especially if she’s under the weather.

Elderly Care Providers Can Be Your Boots on the Ground

Now might be the time to hire elderly care providers. Not only can they check in on your senior and give you a report about what’s really going on, but they can help her with tasks that have become difficult or impossible. This is a great solution if your elderly family member is recuperating, if she needs companionship, or if you just aren’t sure the extent of what’s going on.

Make Sure You Understand What’s Next

Getting an accurate assessment of what’s next is absolutely essential. You and your senior may be able to go on with long-distance caregiving for quite a while, but if there are bigger potential issues, you need to know about them now. It’s vital to get as much information as you can and from multiple sources, if that’s at all possible.

What’s important right now is to put together an action plan that you can follow. That means compiling information from accurate sources so that you’ve got what you need to help your senior as much as possible. Keep the lines of communication open so that you don’t miss anything.



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