If you have a senior parent or loved one who is receiving elder care at home while they age in place, you may be wondering about, or worrying about, ways that you can help to prevent accidents while they are alone.

There are many simple things that you can do to ensure that your senior is as safe as possible when you can’t be there to help them, such as:

Use assistance items

Elder Care Tallahassee, FL:Ways to Help Prevent Accidents For Your Senior at Home

Take a walk through your senior’s home and consider where they could use items of assistance- like extra railings, handles, ramps, special seats and chairs, or other things that can be added to the existing home to make aging in place and elder care easier for them.

Often the bathroom is a good place to start, adding rails to the walls or considering remodeling bath tubs or showers to make getting in and out easier and safer for your senior.

If they tend to be unstable on their feet, encourage the use of a cane or a walker when they need to move around their home.

Hire help

One great way to offer yourself peace of mind and to worry less is to hire professionals from a home care company to come in and help with your senior’s care. Not only are they able to assist with things like grooming, medications, and meals, but they will keep a watchful eye and help prevent accidents from falls and from senior’s getting into things that could be dangerous for them.


Take some time to get your senior’s home organized and get rid of any clutter that could pose a danger or a tripping hazard for them.

Look for hazards

If your senior will be alone in their home, you will want to do a sweep of the entire home for dangerous places and items and then do whatever you can to make the area safer for them. If they have any chemicals or cleaning supplies that could be dangerous, remove them from the home. Items like sharp knives or guns or lighters and matches should also be locked up or removed from the premises. If your senior has mobility issues, rugs or anything that could pose a tripping hazard should be secured or taken away, and doors that lead to stairwells or other dangerous places should be kept locked at all times.

Use technology

Technology has changed so much that we now have lots of options for using it to ensure our senior parents receiving elderly care at home alone are safe. Cameras can be installed easily in your senior’s home and you can keep an eye on them from your cell phone. You can also purchase and install alarms for all of the doors and windows in your senior’s home if you worry about them leaving the home. You can also use smart devices to set timers for your senior to remember to take medications or to do tasks that they sometimes forget that they need to do.


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