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What Does Respite Really Look Like for a Caregiver?

Elder Care in Tallahassee FL: What Does Respite Really Look Like for a Caregiver?

Many caregivers are a little leery of respite time because they’re not sure what it really means. Here are some ideas. Visiting Your Own Doctor. Caregivers tend to ignore their own health and that’s a terrible idea. Respite for you might include going to your own doctor’s appointments. This might even include attending counseling sessions…

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Is It Time for Your Parent to Stop Driving?

Elder Care in Tallahassee FL: Driving Safety

Driving is something that most people look forward to tremendously as they go from childhood to adulthood. This is a symbol of freedom and autonomy, and a way for them to live the lifestyle that they desire. Unfortunately, as people age, their ability to drive safely diminishes. Experts estimate that seniors who continue to drive…

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Hopewell Spreads Holiday Cheer by Helping a Local Senior in Need of Basic Necessities


Elder Care in Tallahassee FL Elder Care Services Director, Mark Baldino is in a festive mood because Brian Moran and Lisa Brown have just delivered Hopewell’s basket of gifts for Elder Care Services Elder Elf program.  Elder Care Services Elder Elf Program has helped over 150 needy Tallahassee seniors this Holiday season by enlisting volunteers…

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