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Pacemaker Precautions for Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care in Perry FL

Your elderly loved one’s doctor probably let you know about what to expect with his pacemaker, for the most part, but did you know that there are some everyday things that can wreak havoc on Elderly-Care-Perry-FLhow the pacemaker works? You don’t have to worry about the microwave or other household appliances, but there are some situations and objects you should be aware of as his family caregiver if your loved one has a pacemaker installed.


Many people don’t think about magnets being all that dangerous, and for most folks, they aren’t. Magnets can affect how a pacemaker works, though. Even smaller magnets, if they’re placed close to where the pacemaker sits, can be powerful enough to interrupt the pacemaker’s operation. For best results, it’s a good idea to keep magnets away.

Cell Phone Placement

Cell phones have a combination effect on pacemakers. They use radio frequencies and magnets, so those factors working in combination can have a big effect on pacemakers. Simply using a cell phone isn’t a problem, but keeping a cell phone in a breast pocket of a shirt or jacket is way too close. Keep cell phones at least six inches away from your loved one’s pacemaker.

Security Detectors

All those anti-theft detectors in stores, airports, and other locations work using electromagnetic waves. As you saw above, magnets and pacemakers don’t play well together, really, so these can be a concern for your loved one. The key here is that your loved one should never stop or stand in or near one of these detectors. He should be perfectly fine moving through them, but stopping is just asking for trouble.

Medical Procedures

Certain medical procedures are really dangerous for people who have pacemakers. Radiation treatments, for example, can melt the circuitry in a pacemaker, rendering it useless. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators) that are often used for pain relief can also interrupt pacemakers. And if your loved one’s doctor wants to do an MRI, that can be a big problem because the MRI scanner uses powerful magnets to obtain the scans. Always make sure that any members of your loved one’s medical team are aware of his pacemaker so that they can order the right tests.

Keeping your loved one’s pacemaker working properly isn’t as difficult as it sounds, as long as you can keep it away from things that might interfere with how it works.

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Jami D. Eddy

Jami Eddy is the Administrator and an owner of Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. She graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a major in criminology and a minor in psychology. Jami has been with Hopewell for more than 10 years and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.