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Purple Craze

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018 Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm EDT Location: The Moon 1105 East Lafayette Street Tallahassee, FL 32301   Come and join the Alzheimer’s Project Purple Craze event and get your purple on! There will be live music from Pure Platinum Band, a dance and costume contest, a live and silent auction and…

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Is Occupational Therapy Beneficial for Seniors?

Elder Care in Perry FL: Occupational Therapy

As a family caregiver, you want the best quality of life for you elderly loved one. One way to ensure your aging relative stays as independent as possible after an illness or injury is to connect them with an occupational therapist. Because April is National Occupational Therapist Month, it’s an ideal time for you to…

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How Can You Help Your Senior to Deal with a Loss?

Home Care in Monticello FL: Dealing with Loss

Loss can really take a toll on anyone, but it can be devastating for your elderly family member. No matter what type of loss she’s facing, she needs your support to be able to get through to the other side. Assess What She Truly Needs from You. Your elderly family member might need you to…

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What are the Signs and Symptoms of DVT?

Caregiver in Tallahassee FL: Signs and Symptoms of DVT

Taking steps to protect your aging parent from deep vein thrombosis is an extremely important part of protecting their health and well-being as they age in place. This potentially fatal condition is a blood clot that occurs generally in the legs or torso and can lead to long-lasting negative effects and even death. Sometimes, however,…

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How Age Impacts the Digestive System

Home Care in Crawfordville FL: How Age Impacts the Digestive System

When it comes to the digestive system, age certainly plays a role in how well everything works. When family caregivers and home care helpers understand some of the challenges that seniors may face with digestive tract disorders, they can do what it takes to make things easier. Here’s a look at each part of the…

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Helping Your Parent Feel Confident About Their Cancer Screening

Senior Care in Perry FL: Preparing for Cancer Screenings

The thought of going in for a cancer screening can be intimidating. No matter how confident your parent feels about the type of treatment or intervention that they would pursue if they were diagnosed, the thought of the actual screening can make them nervous. As their family caregiver this is an important opportunity for you…

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