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Health Issues That Worsen When Air Quality is Bad

Elderly Care in Monticello FL: Health Issues That Worsen When Air Quality is Bad

Air quality can impact your health. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a calculation of pollutants found in the air. The higher the AQI, the worse it is for people with certain health issues. The government uses the AQI to track carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particle pollution dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.…

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Why Older Adults Should Participate in Game Night

Caregiver in Madison FL: Why Older Adults Should Participate in Game Night

Looking for a way to have some fun with your aging relative that crosses generations? How about a game night? Games are an excellent way for family caregivers to connect with older adults while also providing a stimulating activity that has health benefits. And, since children usually love to play games, game nights are a…

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Six Types of Lists that Can Make Your Life Easier as a Caregiver

Home Care in Quincy FL: Using Lists to Make Caregiving Easier

You might find yourself making lists quite a bit as a caregiver, but some specific ones can make your life and your tasks as a caregiver a lot easier. Your Senior’s Medical Team. Depending on your aging family member’s overall health, she may see several different doctors or specialists. Keeping track of all of them…

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How Prepared is Your Family for an Unexpected Health Issue?

Elder Care in Quincy FL: Preparing for Unexpected Health Issues

Unexpected health issues are called “unexpected” for a reason. They’ll hit without warning and can cause incredible difficulty for the patient and his or her close friends and family. If you haven’t created a plan for what happens if an unexpected health issue arises, you need to. Take a Look at This Situation. Carl worked…

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Your Parents May be Fine but Don’t Delay Caregiving Decisions

Home Care in Havana FL: Don't Delay Caregiving Decisions

You see no reason to talk about home care services. Your parents are fine. Life doesn’t come with guarantees. That’s the main reason to talk about caregiving decisions in advance. They may be fine today, but you don’t know what can happen a week, month, or year from now. If something does happen, you’re going…

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Researchers Find Possible Cause for Sundowning

Senior Care in Tallahassee FL: Sundowning Research

Around 20 percent of people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) experience a behavioral symptom commonly called “sundowning.” Sundowning is when the older adult becomes increasingly agitated, anxious, or aggressive in the late afternoon and evening hours. Scientists aren’t exactly certain what causes the behavior, but a recent study may provide important information that could lead to…

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How Caregivers Can Help Fight Medicare Fraud

Caregiver in Quincy FL: Fighting Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is costing taxpayers billions of dollars, and it could directly affect your aging relative’s finances, too. Seniors and their family caregivers have the power to help fight Medicare fraud. Knowing what to look for and steps caregivers can take are key to stopping fraudsters from taking advantage of this important resource for seniors.…

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