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How Do You Handle Hearing Loss in an Elderly Parent?

Hearing loss affects almost half of all adults age 75 or older. Between the ages of 65 and 74, 33 percent of adults are dealing with hearing loss. There is a strong chance that your mom or dad will end up with hearing loss.

When hearing problems occur, you may find your parent cranks up the television or radio to levels that are far too loud. They may accuse you of whispering when you’re talking at normal levels. They may become agitated or argumentative because they can’t hear you.

Over time, they may stop socializing with others or wanting to go out. They can’t hear others, so they don’t want to be in situations where they are forced to interact.


What Can You Do?

Elderly Care Monticello, FL: Seniors and Hearing Loss

Take your mom or dad to a doctor to assess their hearing. If there is a problem, a specialist can look into the cause of the hearing loss. An ear infection or build-up of ear wax can be taken care of to restore hearing.

If the cause is permanent, hearing aids may improve your parent’s ability to hear again. It may not fully correct the issue, but it can help. Learning sign language or lip reading may also be useful.

Remember when you talk to your mom or dad that you’ll help by speaking slowly, clearly, and looking directly at them. Remove as much background noise as possible. You may need to bring your parent into a quieter room away from others. Take this step if it helps.

If your parent is self-conscious, have small cards that state your parent is hard of hearing. Slip them to people in social situations so that they’re aware of the situation. If you have a card with a few simple tips, such as looking right at your parent when talking, it will ease stress.

Your parent may feel better if you are present in social events. Be there to help relay sections of conversation that your mom or dad just isn’t picking up.

Some of the problems your parent will encounter can be aided with the help of elderly care services. Your parent’s hearing loss may affect the ability to safely drive a car, but a caregiver could drive your mom or dad to stores, offices, and friends’ homes instead.

Ask an elderly care agency in your area what services they offer. Transportation is just the start. Your parent can also gain help with household chores, meals, and companionship.


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