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Getting Creative as a Family During Elder Care

Elder Care in Cairo GA

Aging loved ones need continuous stimulation socially, mentally, and physically to maintain their overall health and well-being. These activities also help avoid isolation and depression some Elder Care in Cairo GAfamilies worry are associated with aging in place. There are creative activities families can engage in with their loved one that will not only bring everyone together during their senior care, but in a way that makes everyone an active participant.

Create a Family Cookbook

The creation of a family cookbook as part of the aging loved one’s in-home care plan is not only a way to bring the family together for a fun activity, but it allows everyone to meet regularly. The senior can go through all their favorite recipes to choose which ones are the best for the project with their home care provider as part of their daily routine, and cookbook meetings can happen once per week. During these meetings, individuals can:

  • Take pictures of the cooking process
  • Take pictures of the cooking utensils, especially if they are vintage
  • Test the meals as the cook or are prepared
  • Take pictures of the meals when presented on the table
  • Type out the recipes
  • Photograph or scan the original recipe cards if they’re handwritten
  • Organize each meals into categories
  • Take pictures of the family enjoying the meals
  • Transcribe stories being told during the cooking process
  • Write out small blurbs, funny sayings, memories and quotes everyone says during the process.

Putting the Cookbook Together:

There are a number of methods for putting the family cookbook together as part of a home care plan. Once all the recipes are complete, the pictures are finished being edited, and all the stories are in the appropriate places, the cookbook is ready to become an actual book. There will be parts of the project that look like a typical cookbook but, intertwined within this book, there are precious family memories in the form of pictures, quotes, stories, and other memories preserved forever within these pages.

This type of in-home care project leaves a lasting impression, therefore everyone involved typically wants one of the cookbooks. The good news is there are dozens of websites online where inputting the information is simple and the results are gorgeous. The senior could work with their home care provider to research sites like or Heritage Cookbook, or this could be another aspect of the weekly meetings that could be worked on together as a group.

Final Thoughts:

When putting this project together, the first thing the family is going to notice is there are going to be a lot of stories and pictures that won’t make it into the cookbook due to space restrictions. This is not bad news, however, but rather good news. Instead of not using these items, use them for a future scrapbook or memory book senior care activity. The weekly meetings do not have to stop simply because the cookbook is finished. The overflow of stories and pictures can make the project move forward into another home care activity.

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