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Five Tips to Help Your Senior Exercise with COPD

When most people think about exercising with COPD, it might seem like an impossible task. COPD often involves shortness of breath and other symptoms that make exercise quite difficult. But there are things your senior can do to make exercise easier and much more effective for her.

Elder Care in Havana FL: Exercising with COPD

Elder Care in Havana FL: Exercising with COPD

Take Medication as Prescribed.

If your senior takes medication for her COPD, it’s crucial that she’s taking her medication as prescribed by her doctor. The key to taking her medication is that it’s not just about making exercise easier. The medication helps her to breathe better all day, every day. If she feels that her medication isn’t working well for her, encourage her to talk with her doctor to try something that might work better.

Participate in Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a specific type of exercise therapy. It’s done with trained experts in pulmonary rehab and it can help your senior learn how to handle breathlessness while she improves her tolerance to exercise. She can also learn how to deal with anxiety over breathing, particularly when she’s exercising and becomes short of breath.

Use Oxygen.

For some COPD sufferers, oxygen while exercising can be beneficial. Your elderly family member might feel less anxious about exercising and find that she’s able to concentrate on working out rather than on her breathing. Talk with her doctor about when and how often she should be using oxygen.

Practice Interval Exercising.

Interval training is a type of exercise that mixes higher-intensity movements with lighter-intensity exercise. This builds in rest periods while also encouraging your senior to push her limits gently. Pulmonary rehabilitation can teach your elderly family member how to effectively use interval training to her advantage.

Save Energy in Other Areas.

If your senior is saving energy in some areas of her life, she’ll be able to use that energy elsewhere, such as while she’s exercising. One way to help your senior to do this is to hire elder care providers who can handle tasks around the house for her. That way your aging family member can focus on putting that energy to use in her pulmonary rehabilitation sessions and her exercise sessions.

Always talk to your senior’s doctor about exercise. There may be some other factors that affect your elderly family member’s ability to exercise the way that she wants to. It’s important that she doesn’t push herself farther or faster than she really needs to go at any time during her exercise routines.

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Jami D. Eddy

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