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What Can You Say to Family Members Who Aren’t Sure Whether to Visit Your Elderly Loved One?


Elderly Care in Monticello FL: What Can You Say to Family Members Who Aren’t Sure Whether to Visit Your Elderly Loved One?

Visiting your elderly loved one can be difficult for some family members, particularly if your loved one has a health condition that means she doesn’t recognize her family members. You might find that you are in the position of go between as her family caregiver.

It Can’t Hurt and it Might Help

Even if these family members are correct and your loved one doesn’t recognize her, that doesn’t mean that the visit will be a bad one. Often, family members find it reassuring to be able to spend a little time with their elderly loved one, if only just to learn what your loved one is interested in lately. And the visit might be helpful for your loved one, too.

Elderly Loved Ones Are Often Happier

Your elderly loved one can often be happier after a visit from someone, even if she doesn’t remember everything about that person. This is because someone has shown her that they care about her enough to sit with her and to talk for a while. Feeling remembered and feeling cared about can make a tremendous difference for your loved one’s self-esteem.

It’s Not Wasted Time

For some family members, this might feel like wasted time. But the truth is that any time spent with your elderly loved one isn’t wasted at all. You can even help to ensure that your loved one and her other family members have specific activities to do during their visit, like a craft activity or something simple like folding laundry together.

But Don’t Force or Guilt Anyone

You can do all sorts of things to try to make visits more pleasurable for both your elderly loved one and her other family members. You can even say all the right things. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that other family members will come around to the idea of spending time with your loved one. Try to avoid using guilt or other means to try to make them visit your loved one because that can backfire on everyone.

In the end, it’s up to your loved one’s family members about whether they’re comfortable visiting. While you wait for them to decide, take care of yourself and your loved one. Elderly care providers can help.

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Brian Moran, RN, Marketing Director, Partner

Marketing Director, Partner at Hopewell In-Home Senior Care
Brian Moran, RN is both a Partner and Director of Marketing for Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. Brian has worked at the Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Tallahassee Community Hospital, Select Specialty Hospital and has over 12 years’ experience as a home health care nurse at American Home Patient. Since joining Hopewell In-Home Senior Care in 2008, Brian has used his knowledge of health care and local resources to help seniors in Tallahassee, FL navigate the medical resource maze. His goal is to assist seniors and their families by increasing awareness, affordability and quality of in-home caregiver services for those who wish to age in place.

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