Elder Care Tips Quincy FL

Elder Care Tips Quincy FLIf you are like many family caregivers, one of your most important goals for your elder care journey with your elderly loved one is making sure that they stay as active as possible. Staying physically and mentally active is critical to maintaining health and wellbeing, encouraging quality of life, and even supporting a longer life. For many seniors, however, getting older means progressing further and further into a more sedentary lifestyle. Encouraging your parents to break through this cycle and keep moving supports their minds and bodies for an overall healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

The key to encouraging your parents to get more active is enjoying a variety of different activities so that they do not get bored and have fun doing what they are doing, making it more likely that they will keep up with their activities and stay more active over the long haul.

Some ways that you can keep up with your goals to stay more active include:

Gardening. Planning, creating, and maintaining a garden are wonderful for encouraging your elderly parents to stay physically active as well as stimulating their minds and giving them something that they can be proud of throughout the year. If you live in a warmer climate, the later part of the winter months and early part of the spring are when it is time for you to really get your gardening projects underway outside. If it is still extremely cold and frosty where your parents are, now is the time to get them thinking about their garden, browsing the outdoor store to find the plants and supplies they need, and even taking walks around their lawn to find the right place for their garden.
Walking. The simplest and most accessible of all forms of exercise, walking works your muscles, joints, and cardiovascular system, and is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some time talking and sharing with your elderly loved ones. Encourage them and their elder care services provider to take walks around the neighborhood or local parks to get fresh air and sunshine, or head inside to walk in a mall, museum, or even around an indoor track if the weather is not good enough to be outside.
Dance. Being active does not mean having to participate in structured exercise programs. Any time you have the opportunity to move your body around, bump up your heartrate, and increase your respiration, you are being beneficially active. Have fun with your elderly parents by turning on their favorite music and encouraging them to dance. Do this while you are doing other activities during the day such as laundry, dishes, or cooking to get more activity in your usual routine. You can also research adult dance classes such as ballroom dancing, line dancing, or square dancing in your area so that your parents can get the physical benefits of dancing as well as the emotional and cognitive benefits of social interaction.

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