Some people find living at home no different as they age. Others find changing abilities make certain tasks a little harder. Health plays a part in this. Vision, isolation, and family dynamics also factor in.

You’re worried that aging at home may not be possible as your mom and dad get older. Your dad’s mobility has changed since he fell on ice and broke his ankle. Your mom has dementia and is becoming increasingly forgetful and unorganized. Senior care services offer easy solutions to some of the more common issues seniors face while aging at home.

Difficulty With Cleaning

Senior Care Havana, FL: Easy Solutions to the Difficulties Your Parents Encounter

Your parents have a harder time seeing pet hair or dirt on the floor. They can’t carry around a vacuum from one floor to the next. Caregivers help with light housework like vacuuming, kitchen clean-up, laundry, and dusting.

Poor Nutrition

Your parents have a harder time sticking to a healthy diet. Caregivers can help them plan a menu, take them grocery shopping, and cook meals. They can eat with them if they’re alone and unlikely to eat without someone else there.

Moments When Balance is Off

If your mom or dad is unsteady on stairs or when standing up, caregivers can be there to help with balance. Caregivers can join them on walks outside to prevent falls. They can also help them get out of bed or in and out of the bath or shower.

Forgetfulness With Medications

When prescription medications are needed, you may find your parents forget to take them on time. Caregivers prevent accidents that involve doubling or tripling a dosage accidentally. They also make sure medications are taken and not skipped.

Isolation and Loneliness

When your parents don’t have a large social circle or live in a remote area where transportation is difficult, they may feel lonely or isolated. Caregivers offer companionship. They also provide rides to stores, medical offices, and other local venues for social activities.

Recovery Following an Extended Illness or Surgery

Senior care services can be a temporary arrangement. If your mom or dad gets the flu, pneumonia, or shingles, caregivers are a tremendous help during the recovery. If your parent needs surgery on the hip, knee, or ankle, caregivers are also beneficial to the recovery process.

Caregivers do things like clean the home, do the laundry, cook meals, and run errands while your parents recover. They can remind them to take antibiotics or other medications at the right time. They’re there to encourage the recommended exercises and care routines.

Talk to a senior care agency to learn more about the services that help your parents age at home. Schedule services as often as is necessary. You might feel one visit a week is good or arrange daily visits. It’s up to your family and can be changed when needed.


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