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Could Cataract Surgery Help Seniors Live Longer?

Cataracts are a common vision problem for people over the age of 50. When a person has a cataract, the lens of their eye has become cloudy and difficult to see through. Cataracts can be treated with surgery in which the cloudy lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens. The surgery improves vision, and now new research suggests it may also help a person to live longer.

Senior Care in Madison FL: Cataract Surgery

Senior Care in Madison FL: Cataract Surgery

New Study Reveals Reduced Mortality Rate.

A study was recently published in JAMA Ophthalmology that revealed having cataracts removed improves overall health and extends lifespan. The study was conducted over a 20-year time period and involved 74,044 women with cataracts who were aged 65 or older. 41,735 participants who had cataract surgery had a 60 percent lower risk of death. Researchers believe the lowered risk is directly related to the participant’s ability to see better. Improved vision allowed the participants to:

  • Move around better and get more exercise.
  • See their medications better so they took them properly.
  • Reduce the risk of falling or getting into car accidents.

Cataract Surgery Information.

Cataract surgery is usually an outpatient surgery, not requiring an overnight hospital stay. During the surgery, the lens of the eye is broken into small pieces that are then removed. The lens is usually replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). The new lens does not require any special care and the patient won’t be able to see it. Before the surgery, the older adult will work with the doctor to determine the kind of lens that will be best for them since IOLs can be made with different features.

The surgery usually takes about an hour. The patient is given a local anesthetic and may also take a sedative to allow them to relax. Following the surgery, vision will start to improve within a few days. Vision will become clearer and colors may look brighter. There may be some itching and discomfort in the eye while it heals.

There will be a series of follow-up appointments after the surgery to monitor recovery. The doctor might also prescribe eye drops to prevent infection. Recovery is usually complete within eight weeks of the surgery.

If you have an aging family member that will be undergoing cataract surgery, a senior care provider can help them both before and after the surgery. A senior care provider can drive the senior to and from medical appointments. Senior care providers can read any information the doctor supplies and assist with completing forms. They can also drive the older adult to the surgery and bring them home afterward. A senior care provider can stay with them after the surgery, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible and assisting with tasks that are difficult due to vision changes.

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