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Four Dietary Changes that Might Help Your Senior’s Chronic Pain

Senior Care in Tallahassee FL: Dietary Changes for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can’t be cured by dietary changes alone, but if your senior’s diet isn’t all that healthy right now, she might feel better with a more nutritious eating plan. Changing an entire way of eating takes time, too, so don’t expect some of these changes to happen overnight. Eating Fewer Processed Foods. Processed foods…

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Researchers Find Possible Cause for Sundowning

Senior Care in Tallahassee FL: Sundowning Research

Around 20 percent of people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) experience a behavioral symptom commonly called “sundowning.” Sundowning is when the older adult becomes increasingly agitated, anxious, or aggressive in the late afternoon and evening hours. Scientists aren’t exactly certain what causes the behavior, but a recent study may provide important information that could lead to…

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Hopewell In-Home Senior Care supporting Alzheimer’s Project


Senior Care in Tallahassee FL Alzheimer’s Project of Tallahassee held its 31st annual Alzheimer’s Education and Training Conference at FSU’s School of Medicine on February 20, 2016.  Approximately 150 people came out to hear Keynote speaker, Dr. Angela Massey Hill, along with other speakers, discuss a broad range of topics related to this disease.  Brian…

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Hopewell Helps “Parkinson’s Tulip Trot” Set Fundraising Record

senior care in tallahassee fl

Senior Care in Tallahassee FL Parkinson’s Outreach Association announced the success of its 2016 Tulip Trot Run/Walk/Roll held at Cascades Park on January 30. Michelle Pellito, Administrative Assistant at the Parkinson’s Outreach Association said, “We were able to raise almost $15,500, about twice as much as last year! Thanks to many of you for being…

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