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Six Misconceptions Seniors Have About Their Health

Elderly Care in Havana FL: Misconceptions Seniors Have About Their Health

Regardless of your age, staying healthy is important. Diet and exercise are important for maintaining a healthy weight, low cholesterol, and recommended blood pressure. Here are six misconceptions seniors have about their health. They’re Not Feeling Sick so a Doctor’s Visit Isn’t Necessary. Seniors who feel great often skip annual physicals. They don’t feel sick,…

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Social Security Checks to Go Up in 2018, But By How Much?

Elderly Care in Havana FL: Social Security Increase and Rising Costs

In 2018, the Social Security Administration is giving seniors a slight increase. The estimated benefits for all retired workers increases from $1,377 to $1,404. For a couple, it increases from $2,294 to $2,340. While any increase is helpful, some wonder if a 2-percent raise is really enough. It may be time to take a closer…

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