Caregiver in Monticello FL

You have noticed that your parent has some unexplained bruises and cannot tell you where she got them.

The refrigerator has some expired food in it and the trash has not been taken out in a couple of days.Caregiver-in-Monticello-FL

There is clutter in the home and it does not look like the carpet has been vacuumed recently even though this was something that your aging parent used to do regularly without fail.

She seems slightly confused when she talks to you and may call you a few times in the same day to tell you the same thing, or ask the same question.


If issues have started to arise that are telling you that your loved one may need some addition help around the home, you may be considering becoming her family caregiver. As a caregiver you will be able to evaluate her needs and help her to fulfill those needs so that she can age in place comfortably, safely, and healthily. If you are considering this major step, however, it is critical that you are prepared for this role. Knowing that you are prepared will make you feel more confident as you start this journey with your loved one.

Use these questions to help you determine if you are truly prepared to be a caregiver for your aging parent:

  • Do you have the time? Being a family caregiver requires time and energy. Evaluate whether you have the time in your schedule to fit in the tasks of caring for your parent. If you do not feel that you have the time, determine if there is any way that you can create that time. This may mean adjusting your schedule at work, seeking out more help caring for your children, or possibly transitioning your parent into living in your home or a home closer to yours to reduce transit time.
  • What about the finances? Before you get started caring for your parent, it is important to consider the financial implications. Talk to your parent about her resources and determine if there are any expenses that you will be expected to take on. Discuss these financial issues with your partner and make firm decisions so that there are no misunderstandings later.
  • Do you need help? Just because you have agreed to become the primary caregiver for your parent does not mean that you have to take on all of the burden yourself. Start building your care network now. This is a team of people who are willing to help you fulfill care tasks for your parent. Consider including your siblings, other family members, close friends, neighbors, and medical professionals. If your parent needs extensive care or you are not able to be with her as often as you would like to, consider hiring an in home health care services provider who can act as an extension of your care. This care provider can personalize a care approach for your parent to fulfill her needs and handle tasks you do not feel capable of or comfortable handling.


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