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Signs That Show You Have Caregiver Burnout

Senior Care in Quincy FL: Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Do you have caregiver burnout? Would you know if you did? Caregiver burnout is a form of exhaustion stemming from the care of another person. It can affect you emotionally or physically. You can become indifferent to your parent’s needs, develop stress and anxiety, or enter a depression. It’s important to recognize the signs of…

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Six Misconceptions Seniors Have About Their Health

Elderly Care in Havana FL: Misconceptions Seniors Have About Their Health

Regardless of your age, staying healthy is important. Diet and exercise are important for maintaining a healthy weight, low cholesterol, and recommended blood pressure. Here are six misconceptions seniors have about their health. They’re Not Feeling Sick so a Doctor’s Visit Isn’t Necessary. Seniors who feel great often skip annual physicals. They don’t feel sick,…

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Using Aromatherapy to Ease Caregiver Stress

Caregiver in Monticello FL: Using Aromatherapy to Ease Caregiver Stress

Stress is not uncommon among family caregivers. In fact, those adults who have stepped into the role of caring for their aging parents are much more likely to experience stress and the consequences related to stress than those who are not family caregivers. While some level of stress is completely normal, and can even help…

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Why Seniors Need Companionship

Home Care in Perry FL: Why Seniors Need Companionship

Elderly adults face the greatest risk of living in isolation and dealing with chronic loneliness. Usually retirement, long-distance family, death of spouse and friends and physical limitations are the primary factors that contribute to senior loneliness. Family caregivers can only do so much to keep their elderly relatives company, but they often have their own…

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What Does Respite Really Look Like for a Caregiver?

Elder Care in Tallahassee FL: What Does Respite Really Look Like for a Caregiver?

Many caregivers are a little leery of respite time because they’re not sure what it really means. Here are some ideas. Visiting Your Own Doctor. Caregivers tend to ignore their own health and that’s a terrible idea. Respite for you might include going to your own doctor’s appointments. This might even include attending counseling sessions…

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Tips for Communicating with a Senior Living with Aphasia

Senior Care in Crawfordville FL: Tips for Communicating with a Senior Living with Aphasia

Approximately two million people throughout the United States are living with a language disorder called aphasia. This condition stems from brain damage. While it most often occurs in those who have recently experienced a stroke, it can also come from brain tumors, brain disorders, and the lingering effects of traumatic brain injuries. However it developed,…

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Health Issues That Worsen When Air Quality is Bad

Elderly Care in Monticello FL: Health Issues That Worsen When Air Quality is Bad

Air quality can impact your health. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a calculation of pollutants found in the air. The higher the AQI, the worse it is for people with certain health issues. The government uses the AQI to track carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particle pollution dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.…

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Why Older Adults Should Participate in Game Night

Caregiver in Madison FL: Why Older Adults Should Participate in Game Night

Looking for a way to have some fun with your aging relative that crosses generations? How about a game night? Games are an excellent way for family caregivers to connect with older adults while also providing a stimulating activity that has health benefits. And, since children usually love to play games, game nights are a…

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Six Types of Lists that Can Make Your Life Easier as a Caregiver

Home Care in Quincy FL: Using Lists to Make Caregiving Easier

You might find yourself making lists quite a bit as a caregiver, but some specific ones can make your life and your tasks as a caregiver a lot easier. Your Senior’s Medical Team. Depending on your aging family member’s overall health, she may see several different doctors or specialists. Keeping track of all of them…

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