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Posts by Brian Moran, RN, Marketing Director, Partner

Elderly Americans and MS Awareness Month

Home Care Quincy FL: Elderly Americans and MS Awareness Month

Multiple Sclerosis, known as MS, is a condition that affects the nervous system and leads to many neurological health issues in young and old alike. March is National MS Awareness and Education Month, which means that health centers, medical experts and communities across the country are increasing their efforts to provide information, resources and support…

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Effective Communications Month

Senior Care in Madison FL: Effective Communications Month

June brings us Effective Communications Month. Many in the business and marketing professions view this designation as an opportunity to address effective communication skills to their staff. For family caregivers caring for a parent with dementia, effective communication takes on a whole different skill set and one that was not taught in college. Fortunately, others…

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TMH Memory Disorder Clinic – Enrolling Participants for Peace of Mind Study

TMH PEACEOFMND Study Looking for Participants

TMH MDC is participating in a study being conducted jointly by the University of Florida (UF), Mayo Clinic, and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. PEACEOFMND (Physical Exercise And Cognitive Engagement Outcomes For Mild Neurocognitive Disorder). The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of behavioral interventions on brain function, thinking skills, and well-being in individuals…

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