Many elderly adults want to stay at home as long as they possibly can. Their family members, other loved ones, and elderly care providers can help to make that happen. There are some tips for aging at home that can help elderly adults to stay in their home, instead of having to move into nursing home care.

Design of the Home and Products for the Home

Elderly Care Havana, FL: Aging at Home

If your elderly loved one is going to age at home, there are some design changes that you might need to make to the home. The home should have wider doorways and hallways. The shower should have a seat in it. The kitchen products should be within reach, so your elderly loved one doesn’t have to reach up high or bend down low. The living spaces should be comfortable and secure. It might also be helpful to get your loved one products such as motion-sensor lights, security systems, and other beneficial products that might help out your loved one.


Another thing that must be thought about if your elderly loved one is going to age at home is healthcare. You need to make sure your elderly loved one has the proper healthcare insurance for their doctor’s appointments and emergency situations. It is important to make sure your loved one gets regular checkups by their doctor to assure they are still safe living at home. You may even want to hire elderly care providers if your loved one doesn’t have them already.

Financial Stability

No matter who your loved one is or what they do, they need to have some financial stability is they are going to age at home. If they qualify for it, you may want to make sure they are getting Social Security Disability. Maybe they receive pensions or retirement funds money from an old job. They might also have family members helping to pay their way, as well.


You should also make sure that your elderly loved one has the proper transportation, so they can make it to appointments, to get groceries, to social events, and more. If you can’t take them everywhere they need to go, an elderly care provider might be able to do this for them.

These are some of the ways that your elderly loved one can age at home. If you plan on letting your loved one stay in their home as they age, make sure they have the right transportation, financial stability, healthcare, and proper design of their home. These things will help to assure their safety, comfort, and ultimate happiness while still living at home.


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